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Dear Izzy,
You have just been admitted to Bowling Green State University! Your Certificate of Admission will arrive in the mail within the next two weeks, but we wanted to provide you this e-notification of admission as quickly as possible.


Okay, I'll post some story once I have the time in my next blog along with a picture from my winter formal dance.


Baby cakes

" “So your new job doesn’t just make you a worse person, but actually a felon?”

She wasn’t surprised with her brother’s actions – the charges pressed against him had been piling up for a few (she would put it lightly) years. If it wasn’t for his Michelangelo-sculpted face (his features were that of an angel’s brought to life through perfectly chiseled details), she was sure he would’ve already been convicted, and with a flutter of her eyelashes – her eyes moving briefly to the side – she brushed it off of her shoulders and moved the silverware in front of her with boney fingers.

“Baby cakes; Mel,” His mouth was already full with his lunch and his pause was long enough for him to take a drink and swallow. “It’s the money I want you to look at.”

Whether or not her morals were slowly being reestablished (they were not), Mel let her brother win (under the condition that she would not be involved). Unfortunately for her, he had plans for her involvement which she would, naturally, accept.
At least he looked healthy. "

Ahahaha, they're so much fun.
I think torture movies are the best kind of horror movies.

It's not a torture movie, but I get to go see JUNO this friday.
I dislike cleaning, but at least I get to go shopping now.

Tell me if this is weird or not:

This guy used to like me, but I really didn't want him bothering me about it (he was putting me up on a pedestal) so I told him all of my problems and the reason why he shouldn't like me. We both got really angry with each other and didn't talk for about an entire summer -- maybe even more. Well, he now has a class with me this year and we started talking again (mind you, he's been over me for a while now). I guess we're starting to become friends again and he asks to go shopping with me (he's not gay), fully knowing I now have a boyfriend and that my boyfriend extremely dislikes him. Then, he goes on to tell me about how there's this girl he just can't get over and that whenever he sees her smile he just melts on this inside. He quickly establishes after that that this girl is not me (and seems nervous doing so, but maybe I'm just overly suspicious).

But what really bothers me is that he would ask me to go to the mall with him knowing I have a boyfriend and that it would bother him greatly. More or less, I really don't want to go with him. :/ I just think it's really disrespectful and something you just DON'T DO when a girl is involved with someone else.

(eeee, cramps cramps cramps! :(!)


I stole this nifty GOOGLE meme from gabranth :)

I'd have to say that my favorite author is Chuck Palahniuk. If I could meet anyone and discuss anything with, well, it probably wouldn't be him, but he's right up there. I haven't read much of his books (only Fight Club and Rant, though I am in the process of reading both Choke and Haunted), but his writing style is what captures me the most. It's completely inspirational that I've taken and habit of mimicking his style when I mess around with story beginnings, plots and whatnot.

If you're interested in having a good read, I would definitely suggest anything by Chuck -- especially Fight Club and Choke.

I knew attempting to write a book would be ridiculously demanding, at least for me, but I never thought it would drive me this crazy. It's completely ridiculed my sense of inspiration and creativity -- I can't seem to think of anything when I want to (and I realize that's the wrong way to go about it, but I really want to work on this!) and when I do think of something, I'm far away from pencil and paper or a computer.

However, what I do have, I'm pretty content with and was wondering if anyone could give me any feedback. Just tell me if you like it or not -- I know 90% (even more) is probably grammatically incorrect and could use some intense sentence-shaping, but this is only an exoskeleton of what it could become. Yes, it'll sound like Palahniuk's writing if you're familiar with it. No, I'm not trying to copy him, I just find that his style is unusually easy for me to write with.

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JOHN 3:16

I want to read the bible to get a better understanding of christianity and what-not because I've found out that I'm quite uneducated (I'm an atheist, if you want to call me that) with religion, when I thought I at least knew some stuff -- but I actually know less than what I don't know; however, I've been told the best part in the whole book.

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I was thinking about how much bullshit all these ridiculous arguments about religion are, how people judge you if you go against their beliefs -- will you try to convert them, are you going to make fun of their beliefs; people feel so threatened and it's stupid. I know this has been going on since whenever, so don't post anything like "have you finally realized this?" plz&ty.

The actual reason I posted this was to give an insight on my own philosophy of religion. It's probably already been thought up as something else, and if anyone actually does know of a very similar philosophy -- please let me know!

I think people are "God". I think everyone is a little part of this "God". All six billion and what-not people are "God". I don't believe in heaven or hell, or this giant being watching us all and knowing our every single move. I think we are, all put together, the definition of "God."

"God created this world, God created us."

Well "he" did. Our parents created us. Our ancestors created what this world is today. That is God. Everyone working to evolve this world, to make it better (cough), and whatnot.

"Only God and give and take life away."

Well, we do. People kill people, people give birth everyday. With our bare hands, we can easily beat, choke, etc. someone to death just as easily as we can have sex and about 9 months later pop out a kid.

Feel free to find contradictions and whatever. The idea isn't really written all that thought-out or anything. It was a spurr of the moment thinking kind of thing, and I just felt like posting it. Maybe if I can find a way to elaborate more I'll edit this blog and add on to it.

Whatever for now.
I just like hearing peoples' thoughts (please comment!! ~ and friend me).

fissure of woe

Well, I'm kind of glad I don't have strep throat. My neck has calmed down, and now it's nothing more than a warm and itchy sensation. Unfortunately, however, I've been gifted a cold. My ears are clogged, my sinuses are acting up -- runny nose, etc. -- and I can't tell if my eyes are dry or if they won't stop watering. On top of it all, I'm probably horribly contagious. The family has a Thanksgiving party tonight at this couples' house. I want to go, because I love the kind of food my dad made for the entree and I love Thanksgiving meals in general (as well as I kind of was looking forward to pigging out for a day), but I feel like I'm too sick to actually go. I don't want to make everyone else sick or worry about me.

I also dislike the snow this year -- but only because I'm sick. Every four five hours, I have to go out and take care of the neighbor's dog because they're on vacation somewhere. I'm really not feeling up to par to do any of this, but I know if I asked my mom or dad to let the dog out once, they'd flip out on me and say that I committed to this responsibility and whatnot. Whatever. I realize that, but when I'm laying in bed, barely able to move, I'd like someone to help me with those responsibilities. And, thinking about it, I have to also clean out my rabbit's cage (which is more than due), which I really don't want to do, but I have to.

Other than that, I'm having an okay day. No arguments, no one forcing me to do anything, my lack of hunger for anything to eat is nice (well, unhealthy, but nice-feeling because at least I don't feel like I'm starving or anything) and I get to sleep as much as I want because I'm on break (ughugh, I don't want to get readjusted to my school schedule).

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(That fight club icon because I feel all beaten up and about ready to spew blood everywhere)

Sons and daughters of imagination

I realized I have a rather boring life after trying to find something to write about. Though, I figure I could just write about things that bother me from time to time (I tend to have a new "big" pet peeve everyday, anyway) or my personal views on certain topics.

I just finished writing out applications for two colleges -- I still have a few more to do (maybe three or four?). It's a long, tedious process that I wish I could've started sooner so I wouldn't be rushing my ass to finish everything by December 1st (everyone, comment about how I should get it done)!

I wish colleges took more into consideration than just grades and test scores. I'm sick of seeing all the cheaters get into good colleges, while I'm busy worrying if I'm going to get in or not. Because of their work ethics (writing a cheat sheet in six point font the night before a test -- then again, the "ends justify the means", huh?), they get good grades, while I'm stuck with a mediocre one because I just couldn't remember all of the information off of the top of my head (we have horrible teachers who really don't enjoy helping you, more or less engage in education conversations in class). More or less, I've had a lot of problems since the start of my high school career -- both family and emotional (or should I say chemically?), which caused me to do less than average. I finally had a wake-up call and got help, but now it's too late for me to catch up to my full potential. And these colleges don't know that, nor will they probably ever, so they'll probably just overlook me.

I think they should enforce interviews for every freshman. That way the aspiring students can do one hell of an impression and really take their future into their own hands (hopefully). Also, I think it forms a better connection between the people. :-)

Sigh, I also got into a fight with my boyfriend about this and I said some pretty harsh words before he left for dinner ("Don't come back, you're just making me angry"). I wish I wasn't so emotionally off-the-charts, or at least had some better coping skills with him when he disagrees with me (which is always -- probably why I get like this; can't he agree with me at least once?). I hope my night gets better (please, please, please let me get rid of this strep throat as well).